Walford On: Bad Food.


Oh, what the heck, here's another.

You keep telling yourself that, Mr W. Just keep telling yourself...

Walford On: Going Under the Knife


Yeah, I know. I really haven't been keeping this site up to date, have I? Well, what can I say...? I really wish it was that I've been hideously busy and that my life is so filled by grander designs that I simply do not have the time...

Sadly, that's not the case. I'm just lazy.

Still, we have a stockpile of the wit of young Walford ready for blogging, and so I bring you this snippet of insight into the mind of the man who would be King (Or is that Monkey Queen?). the People's Prophet, the man they quite simply call... er... 'Walford'.

And so, having been away so long from the public consciousness, I'm sure that the man himself will want to bestow upon you something deeply thought provoking - a real message that we can all learn from.

Isn't that right, Sir?

Dear God. I give up.....................................................

Walford on: Dog-made Sweets Empires...?


There's a crazy logic to that, which is somehow appealing...
If not biologically impossible.

Walford On: Rumble in the jungle?


...For a drink maybe? Or maybe a nice meal...?

Walford On: 'Not-Rock'?


I'm damned if I know where this line of thought came from.

Walford AKA...


Did you know that Nobel prize winner Niels Bohr happens to have been a dead ringer for our very own Walford?

Well, neither did we, until we visited
www.myheritage.com and ran Lee's face through their celebrity face matching doohickey.

It turns out that old Niels isn't the only lucky bugger to bare a striking resemblance to the well chiseled Monkey Queen. See for yourself, and then why not have a go with it yourself?

Walford on our Chinese Cousins...


Once again we breathe a sigh of relief that Lee is not a peace ambassador for this country or any other.
There would be genocide.

World of Walford says "Thank You".


Walford on the quandary of Diet Soft Drinks


This one speaks for itself...

Now, not being funny, but I do drink an awful lot of Diet Coke at work. Probably a bit more than I should. I hate to think what that stuff is doing to my insides...

But in all honesty, at no point have I ever thought 'You know what? This stuff tastes a bit like water...'.


Because it doesn't, Lee!

And of course, you know that if you come in to work with a sun tan one morning, now, we're all going to wonder if you've been bathing in cola...

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